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Avaneesh Global Trade-Link is a manufacturer, trader, exporter and importer of various commodities. AG Trade-Link based in Mumbai the financial capital of India. We specialized in the export of engineering parts like precision brass and stainless steel machine parts, tools, and tackles, fabricated items, piping materials, fittings, and valves as per client's business need in terms of design and specification. We also deal in woven and non-woven industrial bags, jute bags for shopping and industrial purpose, agricultural products.


We have years of experience and expertise in hospitality, industrial and engineering supply chain management, material management in multiple verticals from EPC, petrochemical, manufacturing industries in India and Abroad.


Our Mission :-

 We are committed to supplying the best quality material & service to our clients worldwide. AG Trade-Link believes in quality, reliability, deliverability of a part of supply chain management of our client's requirement with the cost-effective way and in reasonable pricing. 


Our Vision :-  

· We strive to deliver what we committed

· Understand the Client's requirement in terms of specification and design to justify the deliverable and trust from our client

· Build a long term relationship with Client and Supplier based on mutual trust & respect 

· On-time delivery

Business Verticals

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We provide Import and Export service to our clients worldwide and locally as per their business needs.

1] Import and export merchant :-

We specialized in the export of engineering and industrial machinery, precision machine parts, spare parts, fabricated items, piping and fittings, process valves, woven and non woven bags, and jute bags for shopping & industrial purpose. 

We believe in supplying quality product to our client. Hence, we provide sample approval to our client prior to shipment.

2] Export trading firm :-

AG Trade-Link works as a trading agency to support foreign buyers to search for the local manufacturer for their requirement and helps the local manufacturer to search for the potential foreign buyer for a business development perspective. We also support to furnish allied services to foreign buyers and local manufacturer for their import and export business transaction.




1] Precision machine parts (SS/ Brass/Aluminium/Titanium/Copper/Basic & engineered plastic) ,Ball and Roller / Step bearing 

2]  Pipe, fittings and valves, Fabricated items, Industrial spare parts and consumables 

3] Jute bags for commercial & industrial use, Woven and non woven bags

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